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  • I use it every morning

    Bought this on a whim, I love it and it works great. Use it every morning before I leave the house. I highly recommend this product & this company  

    Mark E 

    ☑Verified Buyer

    Beard is looking darker

    and more full

    I can see hair slowly growing in and my beard is looking darker and more full. I even told my friend about it and he bought a kit and is seeing great results as well.

    Suleyman D

    ☑Verified Buyer

  • Beard is looking darker

    and more full

    So far from using it for 5 days want to say that this is pretty good. I love the derma roller! Im getting one for my brother here soon for him to try we are trying to grow viking beards!

    Jeffrey G

    ☑Verified Buyer

    Beard wasn't greasy

    I don't look weird after moisturizing my beard. Not greasy, my beard soaked it up like a dry sponge, and then it high fived me

    Ralph A

    ☑Verified Buyer

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