The Best Beard Growth Kit To Grow A Gorgeous Grizzly Beard

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Many benefits come with growing a beard. For starters, people will think you're more mature, and bearded men are more attractive to women. Genetic factors, hormones, and skin conditions can affect facial hair growth and even give you a patchy beard. We want to help you look like the man you want to be. A bearded man. We have good news! There are kits you can buy to help you no matter what is affecting your growth. The best beard growth kit will have everything a man needs to grow and tame their mane in one convenient place.

Another attractive feature is that you save money by bundling all the items you need. When buying each product separately, you are guaranteed to pay more. Here are some of the things you will find in a beard growth kit:

  • Beard Growth Vitamins
  • Boar Bristle Brush
  • Beard Comb
  • Beard Roller
  • Beard Growth Serum
  • Beard Growth Oil
  • Beard Balm
  • Beard Wash
  • Beard Conditioner
  • Scissors
  • Travel Case

We have compiled a list of some of the best beard growth kits available. We are a bit biased, but we think the Wild Willies kits are the best.

Do beard growth kits actually work?

Yes! Beard Growth Kits include items that, with daily use, will improve the health, texture, and appearance of your beard. Whether you have a thick beard or not, you should get a kit. It will help with your hair growth and give you everything you need to promote healthy beard growth.

A few main reasons your beard isn't perfect is because your body lacks specific essential vitamins and your skin and beard hair are dry. By combining a supplement like Beard Growth Gummies with a Beard Serum, it will promote your body's natural healing process it needs to encourage beard hair growth.

Another advantage is that since all the elements are in one place, you are more likely to stick to the correct routine and achieve good results. For more on this, you should check out our post "Do Beard Growth Kits Work?"

What is the most effective beard growth kit?

Before making your final decision, think about your needs. You may just need a couple products to get what you need out of your kit. Do you already own a great brush, comb, and beard oil? Maybe you just need a beard growth supplement.

If you are new to beard growth and grooming, you may need a more extensive kit to fit all your bearded needs.

Do beard oil and beard balm products help your beard grow?

Beard oils created from natural and essential oils are designed to provide your beard with the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Furthermore, beard oil can help decrease flakes and maintain the health of the beard overall.

Beard balm functions more like a style enhancement and is used to moisten and style the beard. Beard balm smooths, controls, and straightens a beard, helping you make any beard style you want.

Whenever you use a product that moisturizes dry skin and beard hair, you promote a healthier beard. A healthy beard grows better than a scruffy beard.

Based on results, product quality, and cost, we rate the best beard-growing kits. Below you will find the perfect kit for you.

1 Wild Willies - Fuel Your Beard Kit

Want to grow an awesome beard? So do we. This is why we created Wild Willies Fuel Your Beard Kit - the easiest, most effective way for any man to grow a thicker, fuller beard in less time. This kit includes both our innovative Beard Boost Serum and the Beard Growth Supplement.

The beard growth supplement works by activating hair follicles to grow more hair, increasing the speed and rate of growth, and increasing the overall volume and thickness of beard hairs.

It contains a beard growth supplement, beard boost serum, boars hair beard brush, shaping tool, beard comb, and a stylish travel bag.

Fuel Your Beard Kit

Fuel Your Beard Kit

$ 39.99

  Fuel Your Beard Kit Includes: Top Selling Beard Boost Boost Growth Serum, Beard Growth Supplement, Boars Hair Beard Brush & Shaping Tool Beard Comb ($57.99 Value) Beard Boost Serum: Topical serum that is formulated to help grow facial hair… Read More

2 Wild Willies - Beard Growth Kit

Take your beard to the next level with Wild Willies Beard Growth Kit. Powered by our proprietary BioSitol ASXand infused with Biotin and caffeine, this kit will leave you with a healthier, thicker, more robust beard. Used daily, it'll leave your facial hair with unmatched strength and vitality so you can do everything from looking more handsome to making friends jealous on Instagram. Whether your goals are noble or not, we've got what it takes for bearded glory!

Beard Growth Kit

Beard Growth Kit

$ 29.70

FULLER - THICKER - FASTER The dynamic duo is at it again to help beards reach new levels of awesome. It starts with our proprietary Beard Growth Formula made with Biositol AsX. This will start working from the inside out… Read More

3 Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men

Viking is one of the most renowned brands in the beard care industry. This device is no exception, and users and professionals alike have given it high marks. Includes beard oil, styling balm, mustache scissors, beard scissors, boar comb, and a double-sided wooden comb with pockets. These items are packed in a sturdy metal box, making them ideal for gifts and travel. The balm has a light citrus aroma, while the oil is odorless. They both contain raw argan oil and unrefined jojoba oil. The wooden comb fits perfectly in your pocket, and the part with more prominent bristles helps to detangle the beard.

Scissors are great for removing loose hairs, but they are too large and thick for delicate work. On the other hand, a wild boar comb is excellent for massage, and a comb is perfect for detangling and styling. Find it here.


  • Exceptional brand name
  • Reasonable price
  • The addition of a helpful ebook
  • Unrefined oils are used in beard oil
  • Mustache scissors are a fantastic addition


  • There is no derma roller provided.
  • Scissors aren't good for delicate trimming.

4 Zeus Ultimate Beard Care Kit

Zeus Ultimate Beard Care Kit is a complete beard care solution that includes enough products to style an entire pantheon of bristly gods. This set consists of a shampoo and conditioner to maintain your beard while also hydrating the skin beneath it. Because the shampoo contains some elements that can cause your hair to dry out, you should always follow up with a conditioner. Beard spray oil to give your beard that well-groomed sheen, and a beard balm to shape and nourish your beard each day, are also included in the kit.

You can choose from three flavors for Zeus beard products: vanilla rum, sandalwood, or verbena lime. Sandalwood is the most popular scent, with its woodsy and spicy overtones evoking modern masculinity. It would take a long time to use up all of the different facial hair products included in this kit so that it may be overkill for individuals with smaller beards. Find it here.


  • Brushes and combs in various sizes
  • Shampoo and conditioner bottles, 8 oz.
  • Multiple carry cases are included.


  • The cost is relatively high.
  • Shampoo dries out the hair a little.

5 Raffin Beard Growth Kit

This is the kit for you if you want a derma roller, beard oil, steel scissors, beard balm, double-sided wooden comb, as well as an ebook, and an eco-friendly jute bag. The beard oil and balm are both fragrance-free and odorless. The oil contains Argan oil, Vitamin A, Shea butter, and Jojoba oil.

The product is cruelty-free, GMO-free, and has been beautifully designed. It's also suitable for sensitive skin because it's devoid of gluten and parabens. Find it here.


  • The roller oil contains 540 micro titanium needles with a diameter of.25mm.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days if there are no parabens in the product.
  • Free of GMOs and Cruelty-free
  • Great for curly beards and comes with a 12-month guarantee.
  • Gluten-free
  • One of the most affordable option


  • A boar brush would have assisted in the styling.

6 Isner Mile Upgraded Beard Kit

This Isner Mile Gift Set is the perfect solution for people who need to trim and treat an uncontrollable beard. This 2-step treatment kit for smoother, stronger facial hair makes it easy. This kit includes a powerful beard balm formulated with natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, grape seed oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, lavender extract, or tocopherol. Although marketed as odorless, it has a strong odor when first used.

However, it is a pleasant smell, which is exclusively a by-product of natural substances. The included boar bristle comb can add structure to hair or apply beard oil all over the surface. The wooden beard comb is ideal for detangling the mane without causing static electricity. The supplied hair clippers can be used to cut loose hairs that won't stay in place but are not as good as those in other sets.

You certainly couldn't ask for anything more when it comes to the fantastic value you get from this set. Find it here.


  • Affordable
  • Ingredients are 100% organic.
  • A burlap pouch is included.


  • Brushes made with boar bristle shed.
  • Unscented 
  • Trimmers of poor quality

Isner Best Beard Growth Kit

7 Full Light Beard Kit

All the essentials are included in this Full Light Tech Beard Kit. This lovely jute pouch contains beard shampoo, beard oil, beard balm, hairdressing scissors, a single-sided wooden comb, a boar hair brush, and a cute little ebook.

It would be great as a gift. Jojoba oil, vitamin E, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, argan oil are used. They provide two bottles of oil, as well as a large bottle for washing. Scissors work great as a clipping tool, but that's about all. This set includes a sturdy and well-designed gift box in case you want to give it away. Find it here.


  • Beautiful to give as a gift
  • Including a pair of washable barber's scissors excellent tool for trimming
  • Two oil bottles are included in the package.


  • This comb has only one side.
  • The odor of the oil is unpleasant to some people.

Are you ready for a beard growth kit?

Healthy facial hair takes time to grow, but you can speed it up with beard growth products, especially if you are vitamin-deficient or have not treated your facial hair with natural oils or other hair-promoting products.

Using an excellent beard growth kit can be the most effective approach for stimulating follicles and beard growth. If you are ready to become a real man and grow the best beard possible, check out our best beard growth kit below.

Fuel Your Beard Kit

Fuel Your Beard Kit

$ 39.99

  Fuel Your Beard Kit Includes: Top Selling Beard Boost Boost Growth Serum, Beard Growth Supplement, Boars Hair Beard Brush & Shaping Tool Beard Comb ($57.99 Value) Beard Boost Serum: Topical serum that is formulated to help grow facial hair… Read More

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