5 O' Clock Shadow

5 O' Clock Shadow

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect 5 O’clock Shadow

Growing a 5 o’clock shadow is quick and easy. The most important thing is to take good care of your skin so it looks clean and well-maintained.

1. If you have a beard, shave it off.

If you’ve been working on a longer beard style, it’s going to need to go. We recommend shaving it completely with a razor. Don’t forget to use a good shave lube in order to minimize knicks and cuts or the dreaded razor burn.

2. Skip shaving on day 2 and maybe day 3.

The 5 o’clock shadow looks best after a day or two of growth. While you won’t have to worry about shaving for a day or two, you should still cleanse your face daily with a facial cleanser and use a moisturizer to prevent itchy, dry skin.

3. Maintain your stubble by keeping it trimmed up.

There’s a fine line between an intentional 5 o’clock shadow and looking like you just forgot to shave for a while. Keep your stubble in check by using your trimmer with one of the lowest guards (usually a 0 or 1) every 2-3 days.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect 5 o’clock shadow:

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