Asterix Mustache

Asterix Mustache

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Asterix Mustache Shape

The powerful asterix mustache is a true site to behold. Here are the steps it takes to grow one out yourself.

1. Grow Out A Thick Mustache

The first step in growing out an asterix mustache is to have nice, full facial hair around your upper lip. Generally, this style of mustache is thicker and longer. You will need to grow out the mustache at least one or two inches in length. If you are having trouble growing facial hair, try using a beard serum that helps promote fast growth.

2. Trim The Mustache Down

Next, you will want to keep the mustache trimmed every so often. Trimming your mustache at least once every two weeks helps grow the hair and keeps it looking uniform. We recommend picking up a professional grooming kit that will have everything you need to look your best. Use the provided scissors and comb to trim the hair. Comb the mustache hair until it peaks through the bristles and trim the excess off. Then use the beard brush to brush down the mustache hairs.

3. Style And Shave

Finally, you will want to style and finish shaving off any unwanted hair on your face. You can use a beard balm to help moisturize and shape the asterix mustache. Gently rub a dime-sized amount of balm into your beard and brush it downwards. Then use your thumb and fingers to give the mustache a slight curve at the ends, pointing inward towards your chin. After that, lather up with a professional shave lube and clean up the rest of your face, including the cheeks, jawline, and neck area.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect asterix mustache:

  • Beard Boost Serum: Contains caffeine and biotin that naturally thicken and grow mustache hair.
  • The Expert Grooming Kit: Has everything you need to style your mustache, including scissors, a razor, a comb, a beard brush, and a beard-shaping tool.
  • Shave Lube: This contains all-natural ingredients to leave your face feeling clean and refreshed.
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