Circle Beard

Circle Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Circle Beard Shape

You’ll need to grow your facial hair out for 2-4 weeks, depending on how long you want the beard to look. 

1. Shave the hair around your cheeks and on your neck, but keep the area around your mouth.

Once you have a few weeks of growth you’ll want to use a razor to shave off the areas around your cheeks and below your neck, but keep the area around your mouth and chin intact. Always use a shave gel to prevent razor burn. If you’re going for a clean look, you’ll likely need to shave these areas daily.

2. Trim up the area around your mouth and chin.

With your beard trimmer, use an attachment size just a little bit longer than your desired length. Outline the sides, with about a half-inch indent from each corner. You can use grooming scissors to get more precision, and even create a gradient look by trimming the top part shorter than the part around your chin.

3. Always moisturize.

No matter what you’re doing with your beard, you should always moisturize your face to keep your skin healthy. A good daily moisturizer is a must-have in your grooming routine.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect circle beard:

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