Corporate Beard

Corporate Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Corporate Beard

Since there are many different takes on the corporate beard, there will be some slight variations in how to grow one, but a few things are consistent throughout. 

1. Grow out a healthy full beard.

You’ll want to grow out a full beard that is healthy and well-maintained. This means using the right products to avoid dry, flaky skin and brittle hair. As you're letting your facial hair grow out, be sure to use a good beard wash that will keep your skin clean without stripping your hair of natural oils. Then, moisturize daily with a beard oil and beard butter combo to soften and hydrate your skin and hair, all while promoting healthy growth. 

2. Shave your neckline and below your cheekbones daily.

The most important part of growing a corporate beard that you can get away with wearing to the office is to keep it maintained. Use a razor and a shave lube to clean up the area below your chin and down your neck. You should also shave the area below your cheekbone. If you struggle to keep an even line around your cheek, use a shaping tool to help get clean lines.

3. Keep your facial hair trimmed and well-maintained.

As your beard grows, don’t neglect it. If you’re planning to keep it on the shorter side, use a 3-5mm guard on your trimmer to keep the length under control. If you want to let it grow a little longer, use scissors and a comb or shaping tool to trim away excess hair from the sides while you let the bottom part grow out a bit.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect corporate beard:

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