Curtain Beard

Curtain Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Curtain Beard Shape

A curtain beard can help widen your jawline and make you look more massive. Here are the steps to grow one out.

1. Grow Out A Large Beard

The first step to getting a curtain beard is having long facial hair under your chin. This requires growing a big beard, usually two inches or more in length. Depending on how fast your facial hair grows, this could take a month or more but still with it, and you’ll be happy with the results. We recommend daily beard gummie supplements to help you grow a nice, thick beard.

2. Keep The Front Facial Hair Shaved

As your beard hair grows around your neck and under your chin, you’ll want to keep the rest of your facial hair shaven. This is the defining look of the curtain beard and something you might need to do multiple times a week. Use a good shave lube and nice grooming set to keep those hairs at bay. You’ll want to shave off your mustache, soul patch, and front chin hairs and along your sideburns.

3. Groom And Style The Beard

Finally, you need to groom and style the curtain beard. You can use clippers and a beard brush to shape your beard. Take the clippers and carefully cut away any unwanted hair. The brush will help lay down the hairs in a uniform direction. You can use a beard-shaping tool to get nice even lines if you are having trouble. After that, it’s just maintaining the beard by keeping it groomed and shaving off the facial hair, as mentioned before.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect curtain beard:

  • Beard Growth Gummies Supplements: Stimulates hair growth by giving your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs for maximum performance.
  • The Expert Grooming Kit: Comes with everything you need to groom and style your curtain beard, including a razor, comb, brush, scissors, and beard-shaping tool.
  • Shave Lube: Quality shave lube that leaves your skin fresh and clean.
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