French Mustache

French Mustache

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect French Mustache Shape

The French mustache can be a fun experience when growing it out. Here are the steps to do just that.

1. Grow The Mustache 

For the French mustache, you will need to get a good curl. This means that the mustache needs to be long, usually two inches or more in hair length. Start growing your mustache out as soon as possible. If you are having trouble or it’s taking too long, try using beard growth supplements containing natural ingredients.

2. Trim And Style

The next step is to trim and style the mustache. Use beard clippers to get a nice, even look but make sure you don’t cut off the ends. You may have to do this a couple of times over the course of a week or two, depending on how fast your hair grows. The key is to keep the hairs around your upper lip uniform while letting the ends get long. Once they are a couple of inches long, apply beard butter balm and twirl the hair around your finger. This will create an upwards curl. 

3. Maintain The Mustache And Beard

With a French mustache, you can choose to have a beard. If you decide to lose the beard, then you will need to shave off any unwanted hairs around your jaw, cheeks, and neck. If you decide to keep the beard, you should trim it every so often so that it grows uniformly. We recommend using a good beard shampoo and conditioner on your facial hair to keep it clean and soft.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect French mustache:

  • Beard Growth Supplements: All-natural ingredients boost beard growth and give your hair the nutrients it needs.
  • Beard Wash: This beard wash will keep your facial hair nice and clean without stripping it of essential oils.
  • Beard Soft: Use this product to keep your beard soft and free from being hard or flaky.
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