Short Rounded Beard

Short Rounded Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Short Round Beard Shape

As its name indicates, a short round beard should be on the shorter side, meaning you can grow it out in less time than some other styles. Follow these steps to achieve the short round beard style.

1. Grow out your beard and mustache.

You need a mustache to balance out the short round beard, and we think a thick, full beard looks best. For optimal growth, we suggest using a growth serum along with a derma roller, which can increase the absorption of the growth serum by up to 500%. To use the derma roller, simply press it against clean skin and roll it up and down across your face after applying the growth serum.

2. Maintain the short length.

As your mustache begins to grow, you can keep it trimmed right above the lipline with a pair of trimming scissors from a grooming kit. To keep the short length of this beard style, use a trimmer or a pair of grooming scissors every week or so to keep your beard at a length of about 1”.

3. Keep your neckline clean.

On a round face, stubble that extends down your neckline isn’t a good look. Use a shave lube and a razor to keep the area below your chin stubble-free. If you’re using a safety razor, be sure to replace the blade at least once a week to keep it from getting dull.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect short round beard:

  • Growth Serum: to jumpstart your beard growth
  • Derma Roller: to increase absorption of growth serum
  • Grooming Kit: includes trimming scissors and everything else you need to get a great beard
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