Stiletto Beard

Stiletto Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Stiletto Beard Shape

The stiletto beard works great with the right facial structure to bring everything into a central area at the chin line. Here are the steps to grow yours today.

1. Start With A Long Beard

The first thing you need to do to grow a stiletto beard is to have a nice full beard. The hairs on the chin will eventually need to be two to four inches long, so having a good beard at the start is crucial. You can take gummy supplements to help you out if you have trouble growing a thick beard.

2. Trim The Sideburns

Next, you will want to trim down your sideburns. Typically, they are thin and start short. Then they gradually get longer near the bottom of the face. Use a beard trimmer and comb or scissors to start trimming near the top of your ears. Then work your way downward, leaving a little more hair with each pass. This will give you an even fade down your sideburns.

3. Trim The Beard

As you work down your sideburns, you will want to continue the same process into your beard. At this point, you can leave the facial hairs longer until they get to their full length at the chin. Another key here is to shave more hair around the jawline and leave more around the chin. This gives it the typical point stiletto look.

4. Clean Up The Lines

Finally, you will want to finish cleaning up the lines. We recommend using a razor, quality shave lube, and a beard-shaping tool. Lather your face with the shave lube, and then use the edges of the beard-shaping tool to shave off the unwanted hair. Just follow the lines of the tool, and you’ll get perfect-looking lines in no time.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect stiletto beard:

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