Trimmed Beard

Trimmed Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Trimmed Beard Shape

Growing a trimmed beard will take time and proper care to ensure it’s groomed properly. Here are the steps to grow one yourself.

1. Grow A Full Beard

To get the best-looking trimmed beard you can, you will first need to grow a decently sized beard around one to three inches in length. You need to ensure that you have good coverage so that it won’t look patchy when you trim it. That means you should grow your beard out maybe an inch or so past the size you are actually aiming for. Daily beard supplements can help you grow your beard if you’re having trouble.

2. Trim The Facial Hair

Once you have passed the desired length that you want for your beard, it’s time to trim it back. This will make sure that all of the hairs are of a uniform size. Trimming can also help promote healthy growth in your beard, so to keep it maintained, you may find yourself trimming every one to two weeks. 

Use a good beard clipper, or get a grooming set with a comb and scissors to trim those hairs. The comb guides by letting in the hairs you want to trim. Then use clippers or scissors to cut off the unwanted hair. Do this for your whole beard, and make sure you are pulling through the same size length in the comb each time.

3. Shave Clean Lines

After you have trimmed down your beard, it is time to clean up your lines. That means shaving around the cheek and neck area, so give it a sharp look. Place a beard-shaping tool against your cheek or neckline and use the tool's edges to shave around. This flat area of the tool will give you a straight line, and the curved edges will help get a nice shape around your cheek and sideburns. We recommend a good shave lube, so your face doesn’t become irritated.

4. Wash And Repeat

Finally, you should wash your beard off of any cut hair. You can use a beard wash to clean it and then use a nice butter afterwards to soften it and make it smell fresh. Then take a beard brush and brush down those facial hairs uniformly. Your new trimmed beard looks great, and all you have to do now is maintain it weekly by trimming, shaving, and keeping it clean.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect trimmed beard:

  • Beard Growth Supplements: All-natural ingredients promote a healthy and thick beard.
  • The Expert Grooming Set: This kit has everything you need to style your beard, including scissors, a razor, a comb, a beard brush, and a beard-shaping tool.
  • Beard Butter - Cool Mint: This helps style your beard while keeping it moisturized so that it doesn’t become brittle.
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