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Organic Beard Balm Ingredients

Who wants to put nasty ingredients on their face? Since you’re on the hunt for an awesome beard butter, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that you definitely don’t want to use beard products with questionable ingredients. However, many beard products on the market include harsh chemicals that not only don’t work but also damage your facial hair and skin. We refuse to formulate our products in this manner.

Rest assured that we use the most wholesome ingredients in our beard butter for men. Wild Willies products include natural and organic ingredients and oils whenever possible. We formulate each and every product with not only effectiveness in mind, but with ethics in mind too. You can sleep easy at night knowing that you’re not only growing your beard, but you’re doing so in a healthy and sustainable fashion.

Beyond helping you grow an impressive beard, we also help you take care of your skin. How you clean your skin, shave, and maintain hygiene all work together to make your beard look incredible. After all, your face is just as important as your beard -- if not more so! Healthy skin and a healthy beard are a match made in confidence heaven.

Choose Wild Willies Beard Balm

Why is Wild Willies better than the other beard balms out there? It’s simple. Wild Willies lives and breathes beard growth. For us, beard growth products aren’t an aspect of our business, they are our business. We’ve spent time looking into the best ingredients for beard growth, and subsequently formulating beard growth supplements, serums, and butters that level-up your beard game.

Our premium beard balm is just that: premium. There’s no skimping on ingredients or attention to detail. You can even choose the scent of your beard balm. Are you feeling original? Or are you feeling more like cool mint? There’s no bad answer so long as you’re using the Beard Butter Wild Willies developed with you in mind.

Say goodbye to an itchy beard!

Hell hath no fury like a beard scorned. An itchy beard is miserable, and we wouldn’t wish that hell on anyone. That’s part of the reason we developed Wild Willies Beard Butter, as well as other Wild Willies products like our Beard Boost, which will make your beard softer and more moisturized.

Your beard doesn’t have to be coarse. And while we love living wild, we believe in taming wild hair. Our beard styling balm with not only get rid of your beard’s coarse texture, but it’ll also fight split ends and unruly hair. You’ll simultaneously reduce irritation, dandruff, itchiness, and flaky skin in the process. Talk about a win/win!

Wild Willies Beard Butter is one of the most effective beard balms on the market. Because of our beard-building experts, the best formulas for the best beards are built right here at Wild Willies. Fuel your beard, live free and stay wild. You can thank us later.


You’ve probably tried everything. Oils, creams, serums and anything else that promises you the perfect beard. Well look no further: our premium balm is the best solution to your beard grooming needs. Its texture and consistency will win you over!


Tame wild hair and keep it in place. Get rid of its coarse texture and improve your appearance. Combat split ends and hair growing in all directions! Our balm reduces irritation, prevents beard dandruff, flaky skin and itchiness.



We take pride in the quality and effectiveness of our products. We are sure you are going to be enamored with your soft, well-groomed beard. What are you waiting for? Give yourself the best beard care available!


Our beard butter keeps your hair conditioned, smooth and soft, while also giving it a slight hold. It helps keep follicles moist, promoting growth from the inside out. Use it frequently and see your beard strengthen and your hair growth boost.


We responsibly source 13 natural ingredients and organic essential oils. Then, we combine them, using our unique recipes



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