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Wild Willies Beard Conditioners (Softeners)

Beard Soft & Progro Soft aren't just about softening your beard; it's about keeping your skin hydrated so you can have a healthy, growing beard. They'll also prevent loose hairs from clumping together, which means more minor itch for you!

Wild Willies is here to help men find their freedom in society- our personal freedom, mental freedom, etc. And now, with Beard Conditioners (softeners) by Wild Willies, we're adding facial hair sustainability to that list. This stuff not only helps with any itchiness but also locks in moisture and protects against damage by conditioning instead of stripping away natural oils. That way, your manly whiskers will be happy all day long! 

We've perfected a mix of ingredients that ensures no formaldehyde or phthalates are used.

Beard Conditioner vs. Beard Softener

Are beard softeners and beard conditioners the same thing?

Both beard softeners and beard conditioners soften your beard and make it more manageable.

The difference between the two depends on the brand that produces them.

Before buying both, check the label to see if the manufacturer has labeled the same product in 2 different containers. Sometimes marketing them with two titles sells more products.

At Wild Willies, we prefer calling our product beard softener because it was designed to moisturize and help keep your beard and your face healthy.

Beard Conditioner