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Need a beard maintenance kit? Hint: the answer is yes.

When you’re putting together a beard maintenance kit of your own, it’s natural to think of razors and clippers. But what about beard cleaning products? Our Beard Soft, Beard Wash, and Beard Shampoo all work in tandem to create a beard that is soft, suave, and sexy. It’s not enough just to have a fierce beard; you’ve got to take care of it as well. After all, a scraggly, smelly beard will push everyone away — especially the lady. Stock up on our high-quality beard cleaning products and pair them with our other beard essentials to create your very own handy dandy personal beard maintenance kit.

You need a great beard brush alongside your beard cleaning products.

There are a lot of brushes that claim to work well for your beard, but usually, they fall flat on that claim. When you are in need of a great beard brush for a reasonable price, our beard brush is there to satisfy all your needs. Here at Wild Willies, we emphasize how important it is that our customers receive the best that the industry has to offer. We have created a brush that is perfect for sliding through your beard for maximum care and styling potential.

Made from premium boar bristles, Our Wild Willies beard brush is perfect for use both at home and on the go. It fits smoothly in your hand and is perfect for inclusion within your beard essentials kit. This brush will help smooth your beard and prepare it for you to put in your favorite products to style and moisturize. It’ll also help tackle any flakiness or stray hairs, that way you can have your beard looking the best it can be. Not to mention, our brush is very firm and not like the flimsy brushes that flood the market that quickly start falling apart. For premium results, you need to be using a brush that uses premium materials. Our brush will unlock your beard’s full potential and allow you to get the most out of your beard — especially when combined with our other men's beard growth kit items such as our supplements.

Take Your Gift Giving To The Next Level

Our Wild Willies Beard Brush is not only great for yourself and your personal beard game, but it also serves as the perfect gift for anyone with a beard. It’s lightweight, affordable, and durable, making it the perfect addition to the beard kits of any men you may know. When it comes to beard brushes on the market, nothing beats Wild Willies and its array of beard essentials kits. We put as much into every beard brush as possible because we know how to care for beards and we want to pass that beard love on to you as well. With so many customers extremely satisfied with their results, it’s clear that to optimize the appearance of your beard, Wild Willies’ Beard Brush and its complementary products are the best options for anyone.