6 Essential Weapons in the Bearded Man’s Arsenal 

We know calling the tools men use to maintain their beards “an arsenal” is a bit over the top. But to be honest, we’re not only talking a pair of scissors and a trimmer.

Left to its own devices, your neck and chin hair can end up looking like a battlefield, with wild battalions of fur growing in all directions. 

Planning, strategy, and sturdy equipment equal a winning beard. And with that, you can capture the envy and hearts of legions of admirers.

Okay, now that the dramatic build up is out of the way, let’s talk about the essentials for keeping a healthy and attractive beard. We’ll also discuss different characteristics and benefits of grooming tools. So, forward into battle!

A typical beard routine is:

  • Washing and drying
  • Trimming
  • Oiling
  • Combing or brushing
  • Sculpting

Here's what you need for that.

1.  Beard Wash

Arm yourself from the get-go with a good wash. It cleans and freshens your beard without drying it out. Dry hair leads to dandruff and brittle strands. Use the wash with a conditioner like our beard rinse for softness that seduces even the toughest opponents.

Regulate washing habits depending on how your hair reacts. I like to wash everyday, but everyone's different so I'll let you make that call.

2.  A Beard Trimmer

An adjustable trimmer should be part of your armory because:

  • You can trim to any length you want. A razor offers either a close shave or your existing length. You'll want to adjust length depending on your mood, your job, or because the ladies apparently prefer men with heavy stubble.
  • Trimmers make it effortless to shave skin around the beard without causing accidental nicks and cuts like an ordinary razor does.

Men with longer hair, and who are pros, prefer to use scissors and a comb to shape their beards. If you decide on this method, a smaller pair of scissors is easier to maneuver and is more precise.

3.  Beard Oil

Oils are an absolute necessity for a beard that looks, feels, and smells great. They moisturize and strengthen hair and prevent a range of common issues. It’s best to use oils after you wash and dry your beard; for many men, it’s after their morning shower.

Once your beard is dry, apply your favorite oil. Then comb or brush to untangle it and to spread the oil. You can select from a variety of mesmerizing fragrances – scents so appealing, there won’t be much of a fight before you win over the heroin! 

4.  A Beard Comb

A beard comb isn’t the average comb you pick up from the local corner shop. They are well-designed so they don’t damage your hair, even with regular combing throughout the day. The comb’s teeth are longer and spread further apart, and they have rounded edges. This means less damage.

A good comb untangles knots and spreads moisture and oils instead of causing breakages and split ends. Combs prevent ingrowing hairs and you can use them to train your hair to grow in the proper direction. Look for handmade combs made from acetate, a material that prevents static during combing. Other popular choices are an animal horn, wood, and metal.

5.  A Beard Brush

The same principles apply when choosing a brush. Traditional bushes are harsh on beards. A boar bristle brush fights through the tangles, and they are excellent at retaining moisture and spreading it evenly. The bristles of this brush are different lengths, so they have better reach. The result is more effective brush strokes. Less brushing means a lower chance of damage.

Whether you comb or brush is a personal preference, and it depends on the type and size of your beard. Some men comb first to untangle strands, brush to set the hairs in the right direction, and then comb once more to style the beard. They might be small, but beard combs and brushes put control of the battle firmly in your hands! 

6.  Beard Balm

Balm has the conditioning properties of oils, and it provides light sculpting characteristics of wax. Why should balm be part of your arsenal? Unless your beard is difficult to control, you don’t need wax. But as the day progresses, you may do some retouching to keep your hair perfect.

Balm provides the right strength while adding moisture and nourishment. It's your shield against yeti-like hair! Balm works well to give thin or patchy beards thickness too.

You won’t regret investing in good quality tools because you’ll notice a big difference in the health and appearance of your beard. Others notice too.

With the best beard-care essentials, you can conquer the haters and doubters while the admirers are proud by the side of a winner.

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After all, your face and beard deserve only the best.