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Hemp Beard Elixir

Hemp Beard Elixir

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Wild Willies Hemp Oil is one of our best products that you can put on your skin and beard to achieve the greatest results but is probably the most widely misunderstood.

The Hemp name tends to throw people off, so let’s clarify that up real quick.

✔  It IS a natural ingredient with huge health benefits that is widely used across the United States and the world in beauty products.

Hemp seed oil contains the most natural source of essential fatty acids and has the ideal balance of omega 3 and 6 in a proportion of 3:1, which so closely matches our skin’s lipid levels that it is able to easily penetrate our cells and lubricate the skin.


✔  Locks in moisture in your skin to prevent aging.

✔  Reduces redness, dry skin, and irritation.

✔  Moisturizes your beard.

✔  Is non-greasy and leaves your beard feeling soft and well-hydrated.

✔  Facilitates keratin formation to strengthen and grow your beard.

✔  Fills in patchy beards

✔  Protects your beard from sun damage and protein loss.

Hemp Beard Oil For Men

Sometimes the hardest part of growing the perfect beard is getting it to be big and full all throughout. For many men, their beards grow at different paces in various areas of their face. However, to get the perfect beard, you’re going to need to make sure that it looks good all around. Luckily, Wild Willies has a solution for each and every one of your beard needs -- including this one. Without further ado, we present the best natural oil for beard growth.

One of the best products for naturally stimulating beard growth is hemp oil. Hemp beard oil is the ideal solution for men looking to boost their beards. The best part? It’s totally natural. There are a wide range of beard afflictions that our hemp beard elixir can help remedy; it’s great for patchy beards that need a bit of a jumpstart in certain areas, works great for small beards that you are trying to grow to a more impressive length, and it is awesome product for people who have achieved their desired beard length and now wish to maintain the perfect beard.

The reason that hemp oil is the best beard elixir all comes down to its natural components. Hemp seeds contain a massive amount of fatty acids that help feed your beard what it needs to grow and glisten. It has the right amount of Omega 3s and Omega 6s to nourish the skin and hair like it needs to be nourished. This helps lubricate the skin and cultivates the perfect environment for beards to grow.

Once the hemp seed oil beard growth is working, don’t stop! It’s a smart idea to continue using the hemp beard oil routinely, that way you can maintain the results you’ve achieved. For example, our elixir lubricates the skin and allows your beard to have that perfect glimmer that catches the light and accentuates your beard’s dope physique. Any woman you pass will admire your beard, and any man will envy it.

But wait! Hemp beard oil does even more than that. It also helps moisturize your skin, that way your hair is growing from nourished soil. However, with all that moisture and lubricant, you may be wondering if hemp oil will have your beard or face looking greasy. No, sir! Our Wild Willies hemp oil will do no such thing. It will help your skin stay fresh without coating it in a layer of ick. And as if there aren’t enough benefits already, our hemp beard oil protects the proteins in your beard from sun damage. Talk about a win/win!

Our Wild Willies hemp beard elixir is totally natural and environmentally friendly. It’s friendly to the environment, friendly to your face and lucky for you, we offer it at a reasonable price. We want every man to be able to buy the resources they need to achieve their perfect beard. Especially when bundled with some of our other products for beard growth and maintenance, Wild Willies hemp beard oil is the perfect beard growth product.


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