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The Protocol Kit - Limited Edition

The Protocol Kit - Limited Edition

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What’s Inside The Protocol

The Protocol accomplishes several things for those times where a clean cut look is the goal.

Firstly, fortified with the highest quality ingredients, Wild Willies Shave Lube promotes the benefits of antioxidant rich, naturally derived caffeine to reduce redness, along with the calming jojoba and smoothing eucalyptus to keep skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy all day long.

Fellas, it may not be fun all the time, but your skin is very important and needs to be protected. That is why we developed Smooth With SPF to keep your skin in its tip top shape. Our Smooth cream is a top of the line sun protection cream to help men keep their skin in the perfect condition. Perfect for a post-shave vibe. 

What is the deal with ...

Shave Lube
Wild Willies Shave Lube is an innovative, high-quality product that uses natural ingredients to help you feel fresh all day long. The Caffeine in this shave gel will make your skin less red and more awake than ever before! It's also made with soothing Jojoba Oil for extra softness while using eucalyptus oil keeps it looking healthy from morning until night time
Smooth W/ Spf
Smooth with SPF was specifically created to protect your skin from the harsh damage of the sun. We as men don't typically like to think that we are at risk from being outside, but the harsh reality is that skin cancer is on the rise and unless you want to look like a worn out piece of leather, you might want to start playing defense. By simply applying Smooth to your skin daily, not only will it help keep your skin hydrated and smooth, but will protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.
Men's Grooming Kit
This grooming kit is your one stop shop for all your men's grooming needs that don't involve your beard.

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The Protocol Kit - Limited Edition
<p><strong>Natural Ingredients whenever possible</strong></p>

Natural Ingredients whenever possible

<p><strong>No Chemicals, Preservatives & Colorants If Possible</strong></p>

No Chemicals, Preservatives & Colorants If Possible

<p><strong>Proudly Made In The USA</strong></p>

Proudly Made In The USA


What People Are Saying

This is what our customers think.

Robert Austin, TX
Robert Austin, TX
Verified buyer

"Great product! It made my skin smooth, my beard soft, and smelled good. Also, no irritation or breakout. I will continue to purchase. Thank you!"

Rustie A, TX
Rustie A, TX
Verified buyer

"Great addition to my morning routine. The shave lube leaves me smooth and shiny. I love it!!!"

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What makes our products so much better than other products

Willies vs. Others


Natural Ingredients

Yes. Natural and organic whenever possible.

Full of harsh chemicals.

Biositol AsX

He** Yeah. Our revoultionary blend of ingredients to stimulate beard growth

Nope. Same sh** all the other companies use.

Vitamins and Minerals

100%. It's the first thing we consider because they are key to solid, heathy beard growth.

"Eh. Should we really? Costs more to add them in."


How to use this product

Clean your beard

Wash or clean your beard to get started

Apply the Lube and Shave

Apply Lube on your beard and shave as usual.

Apply Daily SPF

Apply SPF Protection every morning for day-long protection from the elements.


Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to work?
You'll see immediate results from the first use with Beard Lube and SPF protection. You should feel less irritation when shaving, and better protected skin with Smooth SPF.
Can I use it with supplements?
Yes, we recommend complementing these products with our beard growth supplements and serums for optimum results.
How much Smooth SPF should I apply?
Apply as much as necessary to cover your face and protect your skin from the elements.