Box Car Mustache

Box Car Mustache

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Box Car Mustache Shape

The box car mustache is a thicker mustache with squared edges. This is what it takes to grow one yourself.

1. Grow The Facial Hair

To begin, you will need to grow out the mustache hair. This style is shorter, so you can grow your mustache to a half inch in length. We recommend that you grow it further than its final length so that you can trim it later on. If you struggle growing facial hair or if it’s patchy, then try taking gummy supplements. This will promote hair growth and help thicken up the facial hair.

2. Trim And Style

The next step in growing a box car mustache is trimming and styling it. This mustache is generally well-groomed. Pick yourself up a grooming kit that will have everything you need. Use the included comb and scissors to trim the hair. Comb the hair and use the scissors to cut away the excess. Then grab yourself a shave lube and razor to clean up the lines. You can use a beard-shaping tool to help make sure the lines are straight. Hold the tool up to your face and shave hard lines on both sides of the mustache.

3. Maintain The Mustache

Finally, you will want to maintain the mustache as it grows. Trim it back once a week and shave the rest of your face to keep the style happening. We also recommend using a beard softener once a day to make your mustache look healthy and vibrant. Apply a dime-sized amount on your fingers and run it through the mustache. You can then brush it down to get the hair in a uniform direction.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect box car mustache:

  • Beard Growth Gummies Supplements: These supplements contain all-natural ingredients that support healthy and thick hair growth.
  • The Expert Grooming Kit: Contains everything you need to style your mustache, including a comb, a brush, scissors, a razor, and a beard-shaping tool.
  • Beard Softener: This beard softener will keep your mustache hydrated while also giving it a soft touch.
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