Chin Curtain Beard

Chin Curtain Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Chin Curtain Beard Shape

The chin curtain beard is one of those facial hair styles that doesn't take much maintenance and can significantly impact your overall look.

1. Grow out the best full beard you can.

To have a great chin curtain beard, you'll need to have enough facial hair to cover your chin and jawline. This starts by growing out a bushy beard to get the length you will need. The Wild Willies Beard Growth Supplement will jumpstart your beard growth to help grow your facial hair out quickly.

2. Messy Or Clean? The Choice Is Yours

The great thing about the chin beard style is that you can make it as unruly or clean as you'd like. Generally speaking, you will want your beard with neck hair to come to a point where it covers the bottom of your face. It can then be styled to furl outward or you can just let it run wild. Use a beard straightener for a more sophisticated look or a cleaner style.

4. Continue To Grow And Maintain A Healthy Beard

For this beard type, it's important that you keep the hair moisturized and healthy. Continue to grow it to the length you'd like, but don't forget to use products like Wild Willies Beard Oil to keep your beard hydrated and soft. It just takes a dab and any dry or coarse hair will feel like a plush pillow! 

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect chin curtain beard:

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