Door Knocker Goatee

Door Knocker Goatee

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Door Knocker Goatee

Growing a door knocker goatee requires some time, but it is achievable with the following steps.

1. Start Growing

You'll need to let your goatee grow to the desired length and thickness to get started. For this style, it is recommended to start with two to three inches of hair. You should use a beard growth supplement to help speed up the process with all-natural vitamins and minerals promoting growth from the inside out.

2. Shape and Trim

First, use a beard trimmer to cut your beard to a medium length. Then, use a fine-toothed razor to define the outline of the goatee. The goatee should extend from just below your lower lip to the base of your chin and about as wide as your mouth. After establishing the outline of the goatee, use scissors to remove any stray hairs that fall outside the desired shape. To create the small, circular patch of beard underneath the lower lip characteristic of the door knocker goatee, use a beard trimmer to shave the hair from the area just under the lip. Finally, make sure to use shaving lube when cleaning up the cheeks and neckline to ensure no skin irritations.

3. Moisturize and Style 

Use beard oil to moisturize and soften your facial hair to keep your door knocker goatee looking healthy and stylish. Use beard oil to moisturize and soften your facial hair. Use a brush to style your goatee into place, and add a finishing touch with the beard butter. This butter provides a solid hold to keep your door knocker goatee looking great all day long.


Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect Door Knocker Goatee:

  • Beard Growth Supplements: These beard growth capsules are infused with all-natural ingredients that support growth from within.
  • Shave Lube: This shave lube promotes the benefits of caffeine to reduce redness, along with calming jojoba and smoothing eucalyptus to keep skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy all day long.
  • Men's Gift set: This complete gift set includes beard butter, beard elixir, and a precision shaping tool.
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