French Fork Beard

French Fork Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect French Fork Beard Shape

We’re going to give you the steps for growing a simple, traditional French fork beard with a medium to long-length beard.

1. Focus on the length.

The first step to getting a French fork beard is having enough length that you can actually split it at the bottom and keep the two sides separate. You’ll want to go for a medium to long length beard, with at least 6 inches of hair below your chin. To promote healthy growth, try a beard growth kit that contains growth supplements and a beard boost serum.

2. Don’t trim it.

Unlike other beard styles where you may trim the sides and keep the bottom longer, a French fork beard is long all throughout. Put the trimmer away for a while, and use trimming scissors only to clean up your mustache and keep the hair off your lip.

3. Style it to separate the bottom into two pieces.

The styling process is what makes this beard stand out. Once your hair is long enough, divide it right in the middle of your chin. This is where the “fork” will start. We recommend using a heat styling tool like a beard straightener to gently pull the hair downward and out a little bit, away from the center of your face. A heat styling tool will hold the style better than a beard brush.

Then, run some beard butter through each side, still gently guiding the hair downward and out a bit away from your face. The heat combined with the beard butter should keep the two sections far enough apart to distinguish this style. 

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect French fork beard:

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