Low Chin Goatee

Low Chin Goatee

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Low Chin Goatee

Growing a low chin goatee requires a bit of shaping and maintenance. Here’s how to do it:

1. Let It Grow

Allow your beard and mustache to grow out about two to three inches. We recommend starting a beard elixir with crucial vitamins and minerals to help you grow a thicker beard.

2. Shape and Trim

Once your beard has grown, it's time to start shaping it. Begin by trimming the hair on the underside of your chin using a beard trimmer or scissors. Start at the base of your chin and work your way down to the desired length. Next, trim the hair on the sides of your goatee, starting at the bottom of the chin and working your way out towards the cheeks. To create a defined shape, use a shaping tool like The Edge Beard Shaping Tool to define your goatee's edges. Finally, use a beard comb to smooth out stray hair and shape your goatee as desired.

3. Maintain 

You can keep your low chin goatee looking perfect and well-maintained by washing your face and goatee regularly with a beard shampoo to keep it clean and healthy. Make sure to use beard oil to moisturize your goatee and skin underneath. Using a moisturizer will help to keep it soft and prevent flaky skin. Trim your goatee regularly to maintain its shape and desired length and to keep it neat and well-groomed.

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Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect Low Chin Goatee:

  • Beard Elixir - Fresh Squeeze: Grow a thicker and fuller-looking beard by nourishing it with a powerful blend of natural ingredients, key vitamins, and minerals.
  • The Edge Beard Shaping Tool: This multi-purpose tool has a precise curved edge to match the contours of your face, allowing you to maintain perfect lines for your beard, mustache, or goatee.
  • Beard Shampoo: Wash your beard with essential oils and other gentle ingredients that will clean your beard without stripping away precious sebum oil.
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