Short Boxed Beard

Short Boxed Beard

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Short Boxed Beard Shape

Growing a short boxed beard doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as you follow the right steps and use the best facial hair products. Here is how to grow one out.

1. Grow A Short, Groomed Beard

To grow the best-boxed beard that you can, you will first need to start out with a solid beard. You can take beard growth supplements and beard serum (for the patchy areas) to help you grow a thicker, fuller beard. Once your beard has grown half an inch to two inches, you will want to trim it with a beard trimmer or scissors. For this style, you need to keep those hairs short and uniform.

2. Shave Along The Chin Line And Neck Line

After your beard is trimmed and looking fresh, it’s time to shave off the unwanted hair and clean up those lines. A professional razor and beard-shaping tool will make the process smoother for you. Lather up your face with shaving lube, then place the shaving tool along your chin line. You can use the edges to get a nice, sharp square connecting your chin hairs with your sideburn hairs. Then use the tool again to shave the bottom of your neckline to have a professional look.

3. Keep The Beard Well-Maintained And Healthy

Finally, you will want to maintain your beard with healthy, natural products. Using shampoo and conditioner for your beard will keep it clean and soft. Then rub in a nice beard butter to give your facial hair the moisture and nutrients it needs to look healthy and vibrant. You can also shape your hair in the direction you want with a beard brush. 

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect short boxed beard:

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