The Pretty Boy

The Pretty Boy

How to Grow and Maintain the Perfect Pretty Boy

Growing the pretty boy requires attention to detail. Follow these simple steps to get the look you want.

1. Grow Your Facial Hair

The first step in growing the pretty boy is letting your mustache and beard grow to about an inch in length. This style requires a fuller beard. Give yourself plenty of growth to make the next step easier: trimming the facial hair. Itchy skin for a few days while growing your beard is normal. We recommend using a beard elixir filled with nutrients that promote blood circulation and help moisturize dry skin so that it looks healthier.

2. Shave The Outline

The next step is to use a shaving lube to help reduce redness, shave off the neck hair, and start giving your pretty boy a basic outline. You’ll want the outline to begin about an inch above your Adam’s apple on your throat. Don’t worry if it may feel a bit long; you will always be able to shorten it later. If you shave too close too soon, you will have to wait to grow that back.

3. Shape Your Pretty Boy 

After that, you’ll need to shape and style the pretty boy. We recommend picking up a grooming kit for this step. First, use the comb included in a downward direction to straighten any curly hairs and see the length before you start trimming. Cut the excess hair with the professional scissors in the kit. Next, use the shaping tool to make clean, rounded corners at the jawline with the contours of the tool. The shape of the pretty boy is a round-cornered square. Make sure both sides of your goatee match symmetrically.

4. Maintenance

Last, to maintain this look, it is essential to groom it regularly. First, start with a beard shampoo every morning to wash away dirt and oil without washing away precious sebum oil, which is necessary to maintain the pretty boy. Make sure to trim it regularly to keep it looking clean around the edges, and shave the rest of your face daily to keep the pretty boy the main protagonist.

Here are some of our favorite product recommendations to help you get the perfect pretty boy:

  • Beard Elixir - Wild Vanilla Spice: This elixir is rich in vitamins, proteins, and nutrients for thicker, stronger, and healthier feeling skin and well-nourished facial hair.
  • Shaving Lube: Shave lube promotes the benefits of caffeine and jojoba to naturally reduce redness and calm the skin to keep it fresh and healthy all day long.
  • The Expert Grooming Kit: Everything you need to groom and style your beard in one set.
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