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About Wild Willies


Throughout history a great beard has remained a strong symbol of dominance, virility, and leadership.
When you have an epic beard, women want you & men follow you. It’s in our DNA!
Today, beards have evolved beyond a trend or seasonal cycles… A new breed of men have embraced facial hair of all styles & seamlessly incorporating a variety of looks in bold ways that have permanently broken traditional facial hair barriers. In modern society, we have successfully redefined the choices as once again belonging to the individual!
The Manskape Company is all about celebrating our differences. We believe you should feel free to be yourself & challenge the status quo when it comes to how you decide to live your life and how you express your own style. That’s why we created our Wild Willies brand.

Shave Less. Beard More.

Wild Willies is unique. More importantly… it’s about helping you bring out your uniqueness!
Because it’s cool and because it’s simply the right thing to do...
Whether you were the original beardsman or you’re still rocking that Magnum P.I. stache …
We’re not here to judge. We are here to support you, my man!
Maybe you were the one who decided that a clean cut beard, tailored suit and wood scented cologne work perfect together, not because it commands respect, but simply because it isn’t ordinary and neither are you.
So, rock the face sweater. Sport that cookie duster. Curl your handlebar & button up that vest like its 1890. Channel your inner General with that Civil War neckbeard. Pair your mullet and a Fu Manchu together. Why not…
At Wild Willies we make a full line of the best all-natural products to support your personal style. So be the cleanly trimmed exec, the edgy hipster, or the mountain man you were meant to be, and wear it proudly my good man!
We salute you, the originator- your boldness, your awesomeness, and most importantly your raw manliness!

Wild Willies – Live Free. Stay Wild.