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Progro Beard Soft

Progro Beard Soft

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Proudly Made In The USA

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Rough has its place, just not on your face

PROGRO Beard Soft was formulated to lock in moisturize and hydrate your beard. Packed with quality ingredients and essential oils, your beard will stop feeling like a brillo pad and start to feel like a plush pillow. Once that happens, she won't be able to keep her hand off your beard... ...And we all know where that can lead! So do yourself a favor and grab you a bottle of Beard Soft, because it's a heck of a lot cheaper than divorce!

What is the deal with ...

Best Ingredients
We use natural ingredients whenever possible, to make sure that only the best goes to your skin and beard.
Designed to Soften your Beard
Nobody like the dreaded beard itch as it starts to grow, and we know it. We've designed this product to give you your best soft, smooth beard.
The Perfect Companion for your PROGRO Beard Shampoo
Combine with Wild Willies' PROGRO Beard Shampoo for a super soft invigoratingly clean beard.

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We know that all Wild Willies products are made with only the finest all-natural ingredients and will deliver incredible results for your beard, stache and skin.

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After all, your beard deserves only the best!


PROGRO Beard Soft
<p><strong>Natural Ingredients whenever possible</strong></p>

Natural Ingredients whenever possible

<p><strong>No Chemicals, Preservatives & Colorants If Possible</strong></p>

No Chemicals, Preservatives & Colorants If Possible

<p><strong>Proudly Made In The USA</strong></p>

Proudly Made In The USA


What People Are Saying

This is what our customers think.

George M
George M
Verified buyer

"Between the military and a career LEO I have never got to grow facial hair. So this whole thing has been a learning process. I have learned that I can’t grow fast. I also learned that I really like the Wild Willies products. The Progro beard soft is amazing and helps with keeping I from itching. I wish they would come out with a beard oil and paste in the same line as the progro products."

Steve M
Steve M
Verified buyer

"Willie's progro is amazing and great for my beard. My beard has grown exceptionally well within the past two months I've been using progro. I definitely reccomend to all my friends. Thank you Willie."

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How to use this product

Apply to your hand

Apply a small amount of conditioner to your hand.

Massage into your beard

Massage the conditioner into your wet beard, covering the entire hair from root to tip.

Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse thoroughly and repeat if needed.


Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to work?
Your beard will start feeling softer immediately after the first use. Results improve with continued use.
Can I combine it with Beard Shampoo?
Yes, we recommend you use Wild Willies' PROGRO Beard Shampoo for optimal results.